Yang Family Style Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Chi as commonly known is a practice of meditation in movement and as one of my teachers said – Tai Chi must improve health, must look beautiful, and be a martial art teaching self-defense.

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise not strenuous at all, and the benefits are documented and include increasing balance, flexibility, muscle strength, as well as memory and mental alertness. This exercise is performed as low impact in slow motion and requires only yourself to be present in the moment.

Tai Chi is practiced all over the world and has many styles and teachers. My background is over 20 years studying mainly the Yang Family Style and have studied with Pat Rice in Winchester, VA and my master is Yang Jun 6th generation Yang Family.

My favorite saying from the Tai Chi Classics is “Power comes from the root, the root is in the feet, power is generated by the legs, directed by the waist and manifested in the hands and fingers.”

Classes on the 49 Posture Demonstration Form begin at White Flower on Sunday January 7th at 7 PM. For more information contact Robb