Christy Smith Rous

Christy is a 200RYT and has been practicing yoga since 2012. She is a graduate of the 200 hr. teacher training at Surya Chandra Healing Yoga School in Orange, VA, taught by J.J. Gormley and is currently enrolled in the SCHYS Yoga Therapy program.

“ I took my first yoga class thinking it was all about doing the poses and soon realized there was so much more. I came to the mat with some physical limitations such as a disk issue causing me great pain with even the slightest backbend. In addition I had a hip issue due to scoliosis and my balance had declined which can happen with age.Now my spine on most days is pain free and my hip pain is all but gone. My balance has greatly improved as well.”

“I teach a breath centered practice with modifications for student’s issues. I feel it is important to teach the student how to have a safe home practice. Our goal is for the posture to be firm and comfortable ( Yoga Sutra 2.46) and the breath to be neither forced nor rough or irregular.(Yoga 2.47)