Nicole Stell

Nicole, currently an eRYT200, was introduced to yoga in 2001 as a way of lowering stress and anxiety. She had experienced panic attacks while attending Virginia Tech and wanted an alternative way to control her anxiety. Subsequently, Nicole attended the American Healing Arts Yoga School in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Her training in Integral Hatha Yoga, also known as complete yoga, was an extensive, two-year course, that focused on asana, pranayama, meditation, and anatomy. Integral yoga is a very traditional ancient yoga technique with its origins in India.After many years of teaching,

Nicole continued her training through Shiva Rea's Prana Flow teacher training. It is here where her love for Ayurveda and the seasonal approach to healing began to flourish. Her primary focus in any class is that the student should experience NO PAIN. Nicole believes that yoga and ayurveda are ways to heal the body and the mind. For this reason, she attempts to bring the healing aspect of yoga to all of her classes. Nicole loves yoga and the way it makes her feel during and after each class. She also loves how yoga (with time) becomes a lifestyle and not just a class.

Currently, with the combination of all of the different styles of Nicole's training, she has been able to introduce a slightly more fluid approach to the art of safe yoga. The reason Nicole became a yoga teacher is to introduce this amazing mind/body technique to as many people as possible, so that she may help those in need. Contact Nicole