Robb Wagg

Robert Wagg began studying Tai Chi Chuan in 1995. From 1998 to 2011 Robb studied with Pat Rice at Winchester Tai Qi Chuan Center – Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan using the lineage of Yang Chen Fu and Yang Zhenduo. In 2001 Robb participated in this Center’s Teacher Training Program.

Robb has participated in numerous seminars in all traditional Yang Family style taijiquan forms, with Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun. He has traveled widely in the U.S., and has made three trips to China to achieve his goals of in-depth training in the family’s style.

Robb is a Certified Instructor for The Yang Family Style and listed on the web site www.Yangfamilytaichichuan. His rank is a Rank Five Silver Tiger and in 2015 he passed his Form and Written test for Rank Six Gold Tiger, and Robb has studied with other instructors and in other schools to supplement his understanding. He has attended numerous seminars in a variety of topics based in Taijiquan and other Chinese martial arts and healing arts, including A Taste of China, Yang Family seminars, and the International Symposium. He also participated in seminars on teaching these arts.

Robb has taught classes at the Winchester Center with Pat Rice and taught Yang Family Style beginner and advanced classes at Qi Elements in Herndon, VA for five years. And of course he has been teaching at the White Flower Studio in Warrenton VA for several years. Contact Robb